"All I need is a spark to keep the city in my head from going dark" - Benjamin Hykes

Benjamin Hykes is an artist who believes it is in your power to create your own narrative in life.

His first music video, Give Me Something Real, was released shortly after he was admitted into chemotherapy during the beginning of 2022. The video featured his raw and personal journey of shaving his head, which landed him a feature on  Wesh 2 News. 

After regaining his health in 2023, Hykes ran his first 100-mile ultramarathon and hiked the 2000+ mile Pacific Crest Trail in the course of 5 months.  

Whether he is training for his next ultramarathon, releasing  new music, or going on long distance backpacking trips across the country, Hykes spends nearly all of his hours fighting to inspire those around him. His healthy lifestyle, love for the outdoors, and passion for writing powerful songs is what makes him an artist on the rise.