There’s No Such Thing As Coincidence

Last week I played a cover of Imagine on the piano for a group of strangers. It was the first song I ever learned on the instrument and it was taught to me by one of the most important figures in my life (Ron Feldman).
Since the crowd enjoyed it, I decided to review some songs on the piano earlier today for the first time in years.
Halfway through practicing I remembered that Ron passed away sometime in early September and I decided to look up the day of his passing, only to notice that he died on September 7th, 2014. (Exactly three years ago)
I was completely awestruck.
It was the perfect representation of how music bends time and space.
I never view instances like this as coincidence. Call me crazy but I almost feel like he was trying to talk to me.
Whether you believe in a god or not, miracles certainly happen.
One did today,
Thank you so much Ron. I’m forever in debt.