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Life’s starting to get exciting so here’s an update of what’s been going on:

I’m thrilled to announce that I will be recording a music video for my latest single “The Life We’re Given” with Diamond View Studios. Their work is phenomenal and I can’t wait to see the end product. Although. I’m not exactly sure what the video is going to be about.
Maybe it could just be something really artsy, fun, and different. I have come to notice that some of the most revolutionary music videos may not have the most clear-cut story line or fancy production…BUT what they do have is something that makes them stand out.
On another note, the mixing and mastering for my new song “Chemistry” is finally complete and I couldn’t be any more satisfied with the way it turned out. The first time that I listened to this song and “The Life We’re Given” it was a bit of a milestone for me. Why? because it was the first time that I truly proud of my music. Artists, including me, always tend to be extremely hard on themselves so  now that I am content with my latest few releases it’s time to move forward and NEVER look back.
Speaking of new material, I am meeting with Maika Maile again this Wednesday to discuss some ideas I have for another song I have been working on. Unlike any of the my other songs, this one is written in the perspective of a soldier who is writing love letters to his wife while serving in the military. While I was writing this song I had a crazy idea to make a music video for it and donate half of the proceeds to various organizations that support our military. Not only would this be for a good cause but it would also expose my music to a wider audience. I can picture the footage of American Soldiers coming home to their beloved ones being featured in the music video and I think it will make for a beautiful message.
So long story short, there’s a lot going on. I’m playing lots of gigs, I’m coming up with more innovative ideas, and I’m working hard in school…..But I certainly don’t view any of this in a negative manner.
In fact, the busier I am the happier I am.
I only have one life so I shall strive to fill it with nothing but goodness, happiness, productivity. and most importantly love.