Chemistry (New Single)

Category: In The Studio

During my Junior year of high school I wrote a song called “Chemistry” for a girl that I had been talking to for quite some time.  When it comes to writing music I tend to take months of maybe even years to be fully satisfied with a song.

But this one was different.

I started and finished this song in a little over two weeks and to this very day it is one of my favorite songs that I have ever written. I showed it to my singing teacher (Ron Feldman) and he ended up writing some very melodic and soothing piano licks over top of it.

At the start of my senior year my relationship with the girl I had been talking to came to an end and Ron was admitted in to hospice because of a brain tumor. As the time passed by he began to grow weaker and weaker and he lost all of the feeling he had in his left hand. Regardless of how weak he became we continued our weekly lessons until his passing. During these lessons he would often forget what our previous lessons consisted of due to his memory loss and he would repeatedly ask me to play “Chemistry”. So for the last four weeks of our lessons it became tradition to pick Ron up, put him in his wheelchair, bring him to his piano, and play Chemistry together. Even though he was rather confused and without a left hand he played better than most piano players I know…

Now, after graduating high school, I am finally recording this special song. It has a 1950’s style sound and I’m extremely excited for its release. Doug Mathews killed it on the upright bass a few days age. Grateful to be around such talent and I am way too excited to dedicate this song not only to Ron but to every single person I’ve ever loved.