Recording with Maika Maile

Category: In The Studio
Here’s a shot of Maika Maile recording some background guitar on my latest single, The Life We’re Given. I’m extremely Grateful to have worked with such a talented artist and recording with him was nothing short of an extraordinary experience. We recorded it in his garage which was surprisingly one of the most fun atmospheres that I have ever recorded in. Although a garage may sound like a rather unorthodox setting it was a very relaxed environment where Maika and I could spend lots of time enhancing my tune. If you listen closely to the bridge of the recording you can hear subtle voices in the background. Those are the voices of Maika and I saying the most random and obnoxious things we could possibly think of. Long story short, the relationship between a producer and an artist is a funny, weird, and rather exciting one. It’s almost like working in a group for a school project because of the way you collaborate to make an end product. I loved every minute of it, to say the least.