Johnny Riley’s Video

Category: In The Studio

It’s official.

My music video is finally complete and is scheduled to be released on April 3rd, 2016. A crazy amount of work, from both Diamond View Studios and the musicians, has gone in to this project and I think the world is really going to enjoy it. The video was filmed in three different locations: Diamond View Studios, a rooftop in Tampa, and Edward Medard Park in Plant city. I find all three of these locations unique and beautiful in their own kind of way. The studio has a 60’s retro vibe, the rooftop has an amazing skyline view, and the park in Plant City is an absolutely stunning atmosphere that has tree roots sprouting from the ground.
What’s even more interesting is how it all went down…
The night before the first day of shooting I had to pack up my entire van with all of the gear needed for the 12 hour shoot. Our wake up call was at around 6:00 in the morning and since I wanted to save as much as time as humanly possible I asked the both the bassist, Noah Colaci, and the guitarist, Jack Brown, to sleep over. Due to our crazy excitement (And a couple of other pretty weird factors) we didn’t end up falling asleep until about 3:00 o’ clock in the morning.
Believe me when I say, there is rarely a night I get less than eight to eight and a half hours of sleep. So you can imagine how I felt with three hours of sleep the next morning. I ended up drinking four coffees before getting to our first location and at a couple moments I felt like I was about to collapse (it was awesome).
Honestly, it was one of the most insane twenty four hour time-periods I’ve ever withstood. My bass player ended up forgetting his strap at my house so we made one out of a dog leash on the way to Tampa. Furthermore, my guitarist ended up in crutches before our second shoot due to an injury he suffered during one of his volleyball tournaments…But SOMEHOW and SOMEWAY we managed to make the video astonishing. I guess you can say I’m pretty lucky to have friends like Jack Brown, Noah Colaci, and Nick Davila who always help me out with my music career.
Just recently, I decided to dedicate the song and video to a good friend of mine, Johnny Riley, who passed away in a tragic traffic accident a couple of weeks ago. Although Johnny and I were not the closest of friends, I used to sit next to him in my English class in high school almost every day and he always cheered up the entire room. Johnny impacted many lives and he was ALWAYS smiling, which is a rare but very beautiful attribute.
For me, there’s no better way to remember than through the power of music. Whether it’s of your first kiss, of an amazing night, or of a lost loved one, music will never fail to bring you back to places and memories that will never be forgotten. He changed my life for the better and that is something I want the world to know.