Good Art Takes Time

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For the first time in years I’ve been regularly withdrawing myself from what I’m most comfortable with and it’s done wonders for me.

There’s still work to be done but through more experience I have found that taking a step back and allowing myself to decompress is an essential part of mental clarity.

A quote that really helped me get through a lot of chaos over the past couple of years is “Good Art Takes Time”. As simple as these words are, they gave me a much more realistic and grounded view on my creativity.

These words have also helped me accept the fact that in order to be great, I must be willing to look bad at points.

Improvement… It is not a glamorous thing, not in the slightest. In fact, it’s very unflattering. Contrary to popular belief, most people never look good while they are trying to improve themselves.

For artists (including me), this can be a very hard pill to swallow. We want to look good all the time and when we don’t, we judge ourselves to the point where we don’t even want to continue the process of creating anymore.

This is a recurring problem in all of our lives and it’s something I’ve just recently been able to address.

Through practice, I’ve learned the more failures, the better off you are. As long as you are trying then consider each mistake as a lesson to grow upon.

All you have to do is remember that “Good Art Takes Time”

I hope these words can help others too.

Photo Credit: Lorena Montenegro