Frustration and Fulfillment

Category: In The Studio

The photo you see was taken from one of my gigs at Dandelion Communitea Cafe a couple of weeks ago. I brought about 7 or 8 friends who all sat down to enjoy the food and music but after an hour or so the only two people in the restaurant were my dad and good friend, Ali.

If this gig occurred during my senior or junior year of high school then it probably would have been packed with a ton of wild, over-friendly, oddball teenagers. But towards the last hour there was practically no crowd because the majority of my friends disappeared after high school.

Although I performed well, I felt a little bit empty inside and this was just another moment that made me realize there is not too much left for me in Orlando. My heart is set for somewhere else where there are bigger opportunities for me. I’m really considering traveling to Calfironia to look in to the Musician’s Institute after getting my A.S in Audio Engineering at Valencia. I’ve heard some phenomenal things about the way they teach their music students and I simply want to be the best there is. My mother’s scared because Hollywood is full of drugs and my family has had quite the history with drug abuse but I plan on speaking to her soon about the possibility of moving.

God only knows what’s in store for me within these next couple of years.

I really don’t want people to view this as a sad post. I know  I may be frustrated at points, but I am also very fulfilled….

….And I will continue to be as long as I have a voice to sing and a guitar to play.